peace be with you


but nobody hears my cry, not really a ‘cry’

but rather a sign; heed or not, it is making

all the difference, but understand yourself

and how you involve your character world

[www] dig this either people will see; those

THEORY‘s not for sure. ARE YOU happy you

were born? Are you happy your Mother did

not see you as a burden? We will not provide

any thing; deal with it. It is only U.S. and Him.

Nothing occurs without His permission. Get up

Go brush off the dust that settled on each of U.S.,

and get along, causing no harm, discontent, OR a

situation that results in stuff you would not like to

deal with yourself. We are not saying we believe in

any of those theories in this or that. OUR faith in His

protection is chief. God loves you. Do repent before His

arrival. Choose wisely; it could be just the instant you do

believe in Him that will save our soul. Am NO DIFFERENT

than any who are reading this. If you think so: wake up for

goodness sake. David is a sinner not going to write: “just like

all of you.” i have no idea of your standing in God‘s judgment

line of admittance. If you are of the opinion: that Jesus died so

that we all deserve Heavenly admittance. Believe in Him; or not.

Is completely your decision. Not your Mother‘s, Father‘s, sibling’s

direct, trust in those who have been right where you are before. Do

count yourself worthy of God‘s grace. He really does love every body.