look away

it eludes for the
reason that someone
knows; it’d be nifty if
the quiet, if not a silent
definitions that could be
romanticized and realized
as destined. you know, there
was a conversation enacted in
a stale period of last evening, in
a tempered notion, then concepts
grow deeper roots in this strangely
conceptualized mind of Davids bean.l

we had soul which aren’t so understand
barring mutual composing of ideas; those
are in abundance inside my mind. see: Lee
dug my brain-gas. due to each of our location
our coupled ideas that usually constructed the
words; when combined with melody, formed in
concert nifty tunes. Lee had kept the idea digests
that were specifically generated in song; that song
which composed our initial album. the same that is
our first cooperation of composing. Lee IS a brilliant
songwriter. and in 1991 his consciousness did fill that
required burst of creative energy that evolves that odd

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