the UFO did it

Jesus follows His commandment with a terrifying

promise:  “By this everyone will know.”     Meaning

Love is the litmus test of Christian witness: Our love

for each other is how the world will know who we are

and Whose we are.

Our Love for each other, is how the world will see, taste,

touch, hear, and find Jesus. It’s through our love we all do

embody Jesus, make Jesus relatable, possible, plausible, to a

dying world.

i think this should make all tremble. What Jesus seems to be is

that if we fail to love one another, the world will not know that

it needs to know about God, and in that terrible absence of that

knowing, it will believe in falsehoods that break God’s heart.

i.e.: that Christianity is a sham. and God is hateful, is ful of wrath

That there is really no transformative power in the resurrection…

That God is a mean, angry, vindictive parent, determined to shame

and punish His children.

Lies that the universe’s cold, meaningless place, ungoverned by love

That the Church is only a flawed and hypocritical institution —  not a

Christ living, breathing, healing body on earth  .Prima Nina in Ekstasy

Nina Hagen – Hermann Hiess ER (LIVE AT ROSKILE FESTIVAL – in 1985.


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