spend some time with blank mind, some need to, unblock, un it. 1630

seek Him and ask how this country should going to be led the next four years.





We are so enthused about Australia
David’s our web-guy and he feel as
though the better fashion of getting
to know and understanding the new
friend’s just to put it all out there; dig?

David Buckle is a sufferer of that brain
injury that’s contended with, dealt with
in America than the rest in the world, as
a free country it’s been considered as a
petulant child does stomp around in any
situation; whether it being at fault or not…

I love America, not so with the United States of America.
the later being co-opted as those wiley, and
dictatorial governments. duh c is it’s own kid.
that district of columbia may not be profuse
in allowance or addiction to cocaine; but a
sort of atmosphere with such politic festering
“NO, MY WAY!” should not be claiming all pal
with the rest of US; U.S. knowing that opinions
like ours are rife with hatred pointed to U.S. at
most moments amid that swampy, dictatorial
atmosphere. America is United with our states,
not with the partisan mire in district of columbo.


What we are about is Music and we hear good
things of your ska community. be known that “we”
is describing X,s for Eyes. an opinionated gaggle of
college graduates and drop-out’s; our lead horn
is of the notion he is ‘forced-emerita,’ having been
blessed with an event that removed him from that
scene which was, at times hated, still at others that
joy-filled atmosphere that encouraged, a freedom
few will ever know.

OUR state college town: Huntsville is a terrific place
to grow up, mature, have immense experiences in.
Both Lee Davila and David spent 1990-1991 down a
street from TX’s first state prison. one that hold trophy
as to which Texas prison held the most executions of
them all; hence the name of our ska band. when, at
execution dates as we got our mail we sometimes of
rarity spy celebrity as varied as Geraldo, Dan Rather,
and a few more we just can’t recall. set with a wilder
homebase of Texan touring; most to Houston, at times
Austin, but mostly TX A&M’s music avenue that is just in
the shadow of a huge George Bush Snr. college library.

Being our then home that stood astutely of that ‘death’
consumed areas: Huntsvegas, Austin, and a drug – den
named Houston it was imagined by David while slappin’
pepperoni to dough at the local PIZZA-HUT DELIVERY gig
that they each knew of individuals either experienced or
new to a band forming. there was the problem: a band’s
name – “lettuce call ourselves X’s for Eyes!” yelled Dave at
a dropped olive jar inside the frigid pantry. “Steve’s gonna
kill you, those were the last olives there were; uh, just don’t
tell him you did that, scoop away, problem solved.” uh, coo…

Getting back to our ska adventure which lasted three years
n a few. they type of music to entertain with was a question…
Dave considered punk at first, but there were no trumpet’s in
that mix easy like. thinking (cough cough) of the addition of a
horn section spelled reggae to Dave and Read, “OH! why just
last week my big sister who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is
a happy camper @ seeing STEEL PULSE the other week @ AMOS’;
they were a part of this punk VHS tape i saw in the not interesting
HIGHschool Dave attended down on the gulf-coast scene called
URGH – A MUSIC WAR; in it were drastic acts

  • uh, it’s 2, gotta get our ferrets… till then?

‘ll right now, baby it’s a-awright now.

sad like these past few months

Published September 12, 2012 Updated November 14, 2020 8:54.34PM

Ambassador Stevens; is

remembered as selfless diplomat

FILE: April 11, 2011: U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, center, speaks to Council member for Misrata Suleiman Fortia, right, at the Tibesty Hotel  in Benghazi, Libya.

FILE: April 11, 2011: U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, center, speaks to Council member for Misrata Suleiman Fortia, right, at the Tibesty Hotel in Benghazi, Libya. (AP)

Christopher Stevens died in the city he helped save.

The striking detail was one of many about his service that President Obama and others pointed to Wednesday as they described the late U.S. ambassador to Libya as a selfless diplomat who over more than two decades earned the enduring admiration of his colleagues.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called his career “legendary.” When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and later Obama addressed the tragedy Wednesday morning, department employees were sobbing.

Stevens, who died in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, will leave a lasting mark.

Top officials in the Obama administration described him Wednesday as…

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another trip

one that eclipsed our history for three years.

Faith in these UNITED STATES; in of spite the stuff happenin’

-o …. just to be so: it is November 12th, 2020 8:49.43PM AD …..

you are invited to the party dig...

be cool