wouldn’t want to return…

went back twice 1999, 2002… me ‘n’ Shannon Smith great show. spoke to JF doubt he recall’s – but _ here’s the college band i told him was on our radar just beyond that horizon, Austin, Houston, Huntsville

Date    VenueCityAttendance
1988-06-19Power Tools LiveHouston, TXAttendance (o)
1988-11-17Rockefeller’sHouston, TXAttendance (3) They_Might_Be_Giants (She_Was_A) Hote Detective Pterodactyl NC

They Might Be Giants
— with Unmiryka opening —
Rockefeller’s in Houston, TX
November 201988 at 9:00 PM

Fan Comments:

(Nov. 17, 1988) “They Might Be Giants, tonight at Rockefeller’s – Then again, they might not. Named best rock band; on an independent label at the 1988 New York Music Awards; touring second LP, ‘Lincoln‘, from pop to country to polka. Showtime: Unmiryka opens at 9 Tickets: $8 guitar extraordinaire T.M.B.G’s. starry eyes| frogboy