The Shrine’s final resting place(?)

Nina Hagen Shrine

I have a habit of moving the Shrine from one service/platform to another every few years, when something better comes along.  So…a few years ago I moved the site to a self-hosted WordPress blog, which has been awesome, except for something I’d never really had to worry about before:  spammers and malicious bots.  WordPress blogs attract spammers like crazy.  It’s gotten got really bad, and over time I’ve ended up having to install spam filters, hack blockers, IP bans, captchas, and extra passwords just to keep them out.  And all that still doesn’t stop them completely.  Here’s a snippet about it from my personal blog in 2013 at the height of a spam attack:

The spam levels had been steadily rising over the past few months, from 10,000 in July to double that in October.  Then in November it exploded at nearly 40,000!  Once I began banning China and some…

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