news for today is serious this alone should ensure a second term 4 Trump.

Elon for president
some long, some not
the choice is yours: socialism or democracy
he goes to funerals.

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8 thoughts on “news for today is serious

    1. this music industry is kinda big in these
      United States. the main knowledge these
      ‘video’s’ involve isn’t the main incidence of
      it’s benefit. think pac-man, a Virgin Records.
      which are two of the bigger success stories in
      these United States. each from foreign country’.
      a key ingredient ~ Richard Branson’s big success
      was, and is, happening upon ska: (punk-reggae) a
      tempered mix of influence; i:e island reggae in brash
      form. mix of catchy lyrics bred on genuine experience
      dealing with the low-end’s of society: repression, a poor
      society. that, and knowing when striking the iron when hot.
      honest explanation of lifestyle choice and how its know it all
      mentality are key ingredients to the superb friend, Lee Davila.
      along with David Buckle, whose musical inspiration evolved by
      mixing the brutal truth of Jello Biafra, jazz styling’s of a Maynard
      Ferguson, as well as with a lot of RAVE UPS originality. David’s a
      cat whose musical taste began with MADNESS’ horns section lick’s
      and The Specials clever lyrics that were written by actual experience.
      set with a goal, and the instigation to evolve the joy created by Europe
      generated ska, the method was plain to see. his journey is not complete.

      stay tuned…


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