July 15, 2o2o: Dial a phone number,


as well as: after visiting the Biltmore Estate, when you leave it in the front step out into that yard, walk about five hundred feet, step into their way big fountain WITH your shoes on, walk to the other side of it to the other side, and what you will be doing is creating a super, a mein: reenact what David did in ’74! oh joy!


You know, without Christ, without Jesus, we have no hope. Well, because we know that

the standard of God‘s righteousness is Law, the law of the Ten Commandments, a law iof the

statutes and judgements. Those which He gave unto Moses; on mount Sinai, and saying this is,

O Israel. But you know, God gave another law. A law revolving around a system of shedding

a poor and innocent lamb’s blood. So that all would break the law of God, who would seek

the Law of God for forgiveness and pardon , to bring a lamb, something innocent, to slay

it; although Israel themselves never really knew the real meaning of it. Nonetheless

they were commanded to do it. Also there were other sacrifices, like: turtle doves,

goats, oxen, and red heifers.

But it was very sophisticated and very prolific type system of worship. Of course,

God had to give these people their own country. He had to give them blessings

and things, to be able: perform these rituals. And naturally, of course, God

having to slay a lamb for our sins or such sacrifices , this would definitely

keep a man on guard, not to sin too much, because he otherwise he could

lose the livestock pretty quick, wouldn’t he? Well anyway, ( thanks be to

God, ) from as far back as Deuteronomy 32, and all the way through, to

Malachi, there had been other writings, writings of The Prophets. The

writings who do not usurp the authority of Moses, but actually exalt

The Law of Moses . But yet there’s an additional testimony. For the

same God of Heaven, whose mercy, not only given men Law, but,

for those also a way of escape, for those Repentant Souls who

may fall short of the glory of God‘s law. Which some scholars

will , that the glory of God‘s character is revealed in the law.

Now Christ is the only for the world that sins. Now how do

we know? Well, The Prophets have prophecied? But what

if we’re not familiar with The Prophets when this Word

OfGod was made flesh? When Mary, The Virgin, had a

baby boy, did everyone believe, that she really was a

virgin when Christ was conceived? If we search the

scriptures, we’ll find in certain arguments that the

Pharisees confronted Christ, and said to Him We

be not sons born of fornication. So obviously, not

everyone believed that He was a child born of

a virgin birth! If they hadn’t looked back to

Isaiah chapter 8, and learned the mystery

of Immanuel, that virgin would conceive

a son , the they might not really put too

much ahhm, consistency into the fact

that Christ at that day claimed to be

born of a virgin. I mean, if Isaiah

The Prophet was a false prophet,

well then they would conclude

that anyone claiming to have

these things fulfilled would

be false, too.

But of course, Christ, he did

something much more, than to

just fulfill prophecy. He did miracles.

Miracles of mercy such as: healing the

sick, feeding the hungry, raising the dead.

And if we study study we’ll see that Matthew,

Mark, Luke, and John gives us in somewhat, the

full view of the oppositions, and also confidements

the He had in doing these miracles. He gathered many

unto Him through the means of these miracles.

But sad to say, even though He had done many

miracles , scripture says, yet, as it came right

down to it, they did not believe in Him. It’s

amazing that even His own diciples for-

sook him; all except Mary Madalene.

She stayed with Him to the end, did

she not? Last to leave the cross, first

to come to the sepulchre. Now, we need

to sit there, we need to ask the question how

come the men of that generation didn’t believe in

Christ? In Matthew 23, Christ had to say to the Jews:

Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often have I gathered you,

but you would not. Why? He tells them: they have forsaken

The Prophets. “Thou that killest The Prophets, how often I would

gather you. How does the subject of ‘gathering Israel and the prophets

combine together’ He tells them that their houses, their temple… is left to

them desolate.

And that in Matthew 24, as Christ said to the Mount of Olives, his disciples came

to Him to ask Him, concerning these things,. What would be the sign of His coming,

and the end of the world? Well, Christ begins to tell them, let no man deceive you, ‘For

when many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many.

In the busy day, in the crowded way, listen to the voice of your Lord and Lover

calling. A call to stop and rest with Me a while. A call to restrain impatience, a

reminder that in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. A call to

pause, to speak a word to one in trouble. Not once only in your lives, when I

called you out to follow Me, but constantly —

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