oo Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Whereas the above image is not exactly David, his parents saw this scene in Houston, at BenTaub Hospital; at age 22, David Buckle, was struck by drunk running a red light when attending college: SHSU, in Texas.

The above tragedy is not an exact response in all patients; the brain is a wondrous organ. Where no physical brain matter regenerates or grows anew; the sheer power of the human brain to use the vast amount of brain matter none of us ever use; the UN-used parts of the brain to be RE-trained to compensate for the portions that are/were shredded at the point of impact, that being vastly different for each incident/accident. There was a fella in the room next to mine at The Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation by the name of Harold. He suffered a really bad head injury. He screamed for weeks, if not months.

Charlotte TBI Rehabilitation
think about it
do pray you do not have a head-injury

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