push back the hands of time

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— June 6 -How Men See Me —

I came to help a world.  And according to the varying needs of each

so does each man see Me. It is not necessary that you see Me as others see Me;

the world, even the Church, My disciples,

My followers, do, is necessary that you see Me,

each of you, as supplying all you personally need.

The weak need My Strength.  The strong need My

Tenderness.  The tempted, fallen need My Salvation. 

The righteous need My Pity for sinners. The lonely need

a Friend. The fighters need a Leader. No man could be all

these to men only a God could be.  In each of these relations

of Mine to man you must see the God.

The God-Friend, the God-Leader, the

God-Savior; But God will supply all your

need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:29

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