Trust God

McColl Center of Art; we are all in need of forgiveness.

8/16/2019AD. 22:53.19 NC


David Buckle <>
3:07 PM (2 hours ago)

David Byrne’s TRUE STORIES
description of Sam Houston State University’s
locality; what had evolved to in 1991,
even more at the time you read this.

David Byrne’s nicer
indie_film, in that
he characterizes
how life was in
the 1980’s, for
all it’s known.

is there any news from your folks?

Stolid inside those retirement times,
away from the world, very much, so
will inquire what your town is like;
many cat’s around your hamlet?

Archie in’t the sheriff, by the way.

Have housed 2.5 cats since he moved
to this pad, all one or two blocks from
this city’s tall skyscraper; that’s in the
center of town, had shook hands with
James Brown, bodyguards all around
him, told he had recorded his first few
albums, in the 50’s or 60’s in Charlotte.

In what is now my first boss in Architectural gig.

Michael Gallis’s a retired college professor
from UNCC; he crEated, sketched lots
of the infrastructure in Charlotte. 

“poppas got a new bag!”  “I feel good!” 

Had the same barber for 17 years.
Cecil Taylor that was my weekly
scheduled shave and a haircut.

had some adventures here:

Lived in the same old hospital, that was the last
Confederate hospital, the tail-end of the Civil  War.
Was first to treat blacks, was a hotel in the 70,s. 


walking by Latta Arcade, a
sidewalk plaque that reads: 


Got mugged in ’99 while coming home
from a club the guy just ripped my
wallet-pocket and ran with it;
guess that’s not really
what’s a ‘mugging’

The Charlotte Panthers got to the superbowl when
liveing about 9 blox from the then new stadium, and
went to three games got a free ticket first,
got  scalped ones the last two. 

had few, a very little few, girlfriends in what is now
28 years, i don’t know, my road rash in ’92 sort of
downtown was an old resthome, first morning I
awoke there some lady knocked on my door
and she asked me for my bedpan… – 😄

“Hasta la pasta” was my roost roommate at SHSU
always said that…  He was M.C., now he raises
sled-dogs for his uncle in BigLake, AL.

Martin Buser won the Iditoride four times, 
went to my bro’s 2nd wedding in Toronto.

Don’t really know how to replace these pix w/new 1’s
will just send another few pix I took this afternoon – 😏

Adios till then.

sawD when he was touring with Brian Eno,
it was just me, that walked up, to the front,  of the stage at Charlotte’s first or third ric stage when Byrne began BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE (the entire seated audience followed my example for the rest of the show) not to sound uppity or nothing.     PEACE.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

fear not


9 thoughts on “Trust God

  1. nobody comments, ever what’s with that?
    just strange, are we censored by WordPress?
    ]ones got to wonder, well, seems all i have to
    say does note reach anyone’s eyes – d’ya know?


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