The Lord is my helper, who shall i be afraid.

Life is real, we don’t have to live in fear. We

should peer at our worry; then come before

Christ and lay what have you at His feet. We

do not have to know His actions. Trust; God’s

working in your life right now. Only God can

help you. Do not worry about your body, your

clothes look at the blooms, those flowers of the

field. His promises are taking care of a situation

for U.S.; there is something we need, we may not

understand, but God does. Worry is irrational, it’s

unneeded – nature does not worry, it will be every

minute of every day that He has made. Irregardless

of what you think. U.S. attempting to work it out for

ourselves you/we are playing God. Do not worry for

yourself. You are beloved. Worry is a warning sign of

the faith we lack. Trust we lack. We always run into a

brick wall when we worry. Heaven is perfect; we arent.

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