• david buckle https://youtu.be/hj_hybegoj0 faith,
  • his i am 10/28/2019
  • we are; it’s not only
  • important that your friends know it, not only those you
  • know of, but who know you. it is the will of god that all to
  • be saved. however, that’s not how our future will evolve. it’s
  • not about us; not you, not me, not them over there. we may be
  • in it; but we all need to follow the regulations. regulations aren’t
  • only for us; not only a set of rules that all will be judged, a method
  • of peace. a sheer calmness that we all do either gain or fail to achieve.
  • it is all about Him; His Will and his purpose. are you ever a vessel where
  • His will bursts into the world, or are you only in this life for yourself. a test
  • for all take, but only a few know it. it shall be consistent with the Will of God.
  • He‘s that teacher.
  • He is the pathway to the Glorious Pasture that each of us should regard as a goal
  • that is not hard to reach; to gain; to enjoy and fit in to. it’s not for me to guide you;
  • that is the job of the Holy Spirit. the only suggestion is to come this way, that isn’t
  • saying that the way of each soul’s journey is so vastly different; yes, there’s the
  • wide entrance that many will go into it; that is the way of the world, it has no
  • exit once you pass it’s gate. there is no limit to God‘s Grace, only doorways.
  • all has to do with freedom, our free will; a test each are given, not forced
  • upon you or i, but shown. showing the way to peace. to calmness. it is a
    • wonderfully secure space in our world. is our destination; if we
    • desire it
  • hard enough. hope count yourself blessed, to see the back of that door.
  • you can never go wrong with that search for His heaven that all are called
  • to; there are few that rsvp. all need to die to those old ways of existence; that
  • road goes nowhere good. either you will or you won’t.
  • Jesus Christ is the Doorman,
    know he is the only way.
  • Bless you all.
  • october 28, 2019ad 1:33.03pm
  • onlizinenet.blog
  • god’s promise of direction
  • norewegian cruise
  • shepards channe

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