because He heard me

there is no other entity to glorify, and to thank for my days: 1970-1992.

it was a warmer than not day in Alabama, Oxford that is/was… anyway

was enjoying the cool cement on my bare belly and chest when those

inquiries came: about about giving me a hand, so playing a trumpet

would be my ticket of making my Father proud; his record collection

was filled con Stan Kenton, Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, and the two


received from my dear, older sister. Hallelujah was on my mind in

my mind as i wished/prayed to sometime in a future to make my

Dad proud. Even through squinting to see through that whipped

cream. Hallelujah was an , even at age three, or four, Hallelujah

five; i am able to recite the phone number at grade 9, but seem

to find it difficult to recite the address you just said. such is a

lesser of the tragic symptom of head injuries. of which David

is dealing with everyday since October, 1992. but enough of

me; it’s not me that is important; it is, was, forever. will be

all about Him. those prayers sent to the clouds He did answer.


but enough for now…

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