we told NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE it was our intention to publish a book in our future; having kept that initial aspiration of world-wide promotion’s of ideas/art/music – said promotion is usually a publisher’s response, not for us: Lee, Steve, Victor and Dave… no – photography being the a longtime chosen communication tool of David’s, and once his deliverance was at hand he began college classes once more at UNCC [Martha!] to utilize the darkroom for printing and such. whereas that use of PHO-480, think…  sheit, that was twenty two years ago; wow… the one thing that really pleased me was the chance to regain the jazz-thing:  trumpet being his brush, just as it was in 1988 at ROCKEFELLERS in Houston. it was there that Shaknown Smith and i caught the quite a very fun gig of THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – that was a great two hours! see, this was a couple of weeks after their first videos on VH1. We were (Shanknown and me and whomever, just don’t recall)ah..  it just doesn’t matter who; SS’s pal was way smart at Brazoswood where we all hung out fro m 8:00 to 5:00 [what’s the deal with  High School’s hours nowadays, 8:oo-3:oo?] whatevA…  ANYWAYS – so there ya had us – @ John and John‘s gig – way hep.

so me having been to the club before (see:  me and my Dad heard Maynard Ferguson at that stage just the month before, anyhow, was too funny how this big jazz-legend that my Dad saw first in 1953, Los Angeles CofA as he was completing his embassy tour in RIO at Camp Pendleton, he saw two trumpet guys: Maynard and Herb Alpert


course was on the side; keeping truly intent vailed as to allow only those in importance it is especial,ly provided for the McColl Center for Art + Innovation as hoped for AFFAIRS TO REMEMBER next block over in Charlotte, NC in 1997-8 forget which; but you get the gist, hoping the older Marines do.

frogboy would appreciate a residency.

frogboy would appreciate a residency.


if the coupling of the above sentiments creates tension, well… that’s a

problem that’s yours, and yours alone. the entire facade WAS a place of

worship before homeless individuals lit the Church ablaze, remember…


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