One thought on “…………you can overcome…………

  1. assumes that this, having being
    a good friend from my high school days… who, unfortunately died
    at a party in a hotel. we had spoken about God’s son at least once.
    our respective faiths were voiced: “look, see, know that we will not
    ever go out ‘nd stuff; you being who you are and me not hanging in
    your crowd of friends and you believe in God, right?, “oh yes I do.”
    so, responding to her that when we meet up in Heaven after we go
    there, we’ll be boyfriend and girlfriend there, okay? leave a note, a
    reminder that we will find each other at that time, “okay…” were her
    last words to me, i think. she had perished at a party inhaling some
    commercial product too much… bless her heart… she’s such great
    person; i hope to see her again; in the mean time, there is the work
    that was set to prayer that once living ‘m livin’ back in NC where ‘m


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