don’t waste the years all of you kids/teens have to go enjoy life.

Wealth and riches shall be in his house: his righteousness endures for ever; it’s a long, time. Persevere in saying that and gradually a feeling of being plentifully supplied and of being surrounded by riches they will possess you.  That feeling is your faith claiming My Supply, according to your faith it shall be unto you. But it is not the faith expressed in moments of prayer and exaltation I look for but the faith that lays immediately to rest the doubts of the day as they arise, that attacks and conquers the sense of limitation. “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Deep within you, God’s Spirit confirms with your spirit that you belong to Him. Beneath the vitals of the heart, God’s Spirit whispers, “You are mine, I bought you and sealed you, and no on can take you.” The Spirit offers an inward, silent, comforting witness.

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